About John

John Beeden, a life long runner is responsible each year for organising the London Marathon Exhibition and Registration. He lives in Canada with his Canadian wife and two daughters and has decided to take on the challenge of rowing the Atlantic solo in a trip that will take 50 to 90 days. His challenge begins on November 27th  2011.

Why? (good question)

While on holiday John met two rowers who completed the 2001 Atlantic rowing race as a pair, John was inspired and intrigued by their achievement. Since then he has read numerous books by Ocean Rowers and the challenge became to hard to resist.

As an aging runner the temptation is to be frustrated with running as you are always comparing yourself to your younger best. John wanted to take on a challenge where he had no pre conceived expectations and as he had never rowed before thought this was the perfect challenge.

He wanted to test his resilience, resourcefulness and endurance. This makes the Atlantic Challenge ideal, once you push off there is really no turning back, no stopping and jumping on the train or calling for assistance, it is all or nothing.

Most importantly of all, he wanted his two daughters to see first hand that with hard work, careful planning and determination no challenge is too great.